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Coronado Thread Lifts

Everyone who experiences the first signs of aging skin isn’t prepared to undergo invasive cosmetic procedures. Peak Health is now offering thread lifts as a minimally invasive treatment that helps firm sagging skin.

What Are Thread Lifts?

Safety and effectiveness are the most important features that adults want in their anti-aging treatments. At Peak Health, we provide innovative treatments that give you optimal results. Thread lifts are low-risk procedures that require virtually no downtime. They help rejuvenate the skin and add definition to your face.

Thread lifts are cosmetic procedures that lift and sculpt the loose skin on the face. The “thread” used is temporary medical-grade suture material commonly used in surgery to close incisions. Unlike surgical facelifts where the surgeon cuts and removes any loose facial skin, with thread lifts, the cosmetic surgeon stitches up portions of the facial skin. The procedure provides a subtle lift by gently pulling the skin back and tightening the face.

In addition to the mechanical lift provided by the threads, the tiny wounds trigger the body’s natural healing response. This results in the increased production of collagen, the structural protein that gives skin its shape and firmness. The additional collagen can help fill in gaps in loose skin and give it more elasticity.

When Do Most People Get A Thread Lift In Coronado?

Many people have thread lift procedures during their lunch hour and return to work right after. The procedure requires a much shorter period of recovery than a facelift. Results are immediately visible, and the appearance of the skin continues to improve as it heals. Side effects are minimal and limited mostly to slight swelling or temporary redness around the lift site.

The results of thread lifts are long-lasting, too! Depending on the rate at which your body absorbs the sutures, you can expect your results to last from one to three years. People often repeat the procedure every few years to maintain their results.

Types of Thread Lifts

There are different types of thread lifts that use similar mechanisms and that produce excellent results. Still, there are some key differences that set them apart.


These thread lifts use sutures made from a material called PDO. This type of suture is designed for the body to safely re-absorb. After the procedure, the sutures stay in place for four to six months before they begin to slowly dissolve. It is the boost in collagen production the procedure causes that keeps the skin lifted for a year or longer.

NovaThreads come in a range of varieties including barbed sutures for gathering skin. They also come in straight or curved smooth sutures, which work well for increasing collagen production. The doctor might place smooth sutures in problem areas like the corner of the mouth, whereas they would place barbed sutures near the hairline where they gently lift the skin.

Silhouette InstaLift

Silhouette InstaLift sutures are designed more for the purpose of increasing the production of collagen. They are neither barbed nor smooth. Instead, they have numerous sutures interspersed with tiny cones. These cones “grab” tissue and gather up more skin. This creates a more noticeable lift to problem areas such as the jowls and cheeks. These sutures provide results that last from one to three years.

In addition to these two classes of sutures, the different types are further sub-classified as unilateral, spiral, uni-direction, bi-directional, and more. They come in a range of thicknesses and lengths, too. Your doctor will choose the appropriate thread type to get the desired effect for each treatment area.

Thread lifts carry a very low risk and require a short recovery time. This allows you to combine your treatment with other nonsurgical procedures to get more noticeable results. Extend your treatment to your neck and chest for a more comprehensive look or increase skin tightening on your face without increasing the risk.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Thread Lifts?

The End Goal Is To Make You Feel Better, No Matter What The Age
A thread lift provides a subtle lift and rejuvenation that is appropriate for candidates in their late 30s to early 50s. The procedure does provide a facelift alternative for those over 55 who are not good candidates for any type of surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon might recommend combining other therapies with thread lifts to get more dramatic results.

A good candidate for thread lifts is in good health and experiencing early signs of aging. While people with health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease aren’t eligible for facelift surgery, thread lifts are safe for almost anyone.

Before and After a Thread Lift

There isn’t a lot of preparation or after-care for thread lifts. To get optimal results, you might want to avoid the following for a day or two prior to your appointment:

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Taking gingko, vitamin E, or omega fish oil supplements
  • Visits to the steam room or sauna
  • High-intensity workouts

Also, postpone any dental treatments for the first couple of weeks after your thread lift. Holding your mouth open for extended periods can affect your results.

If you are a side-sleeper, try sleeping on your back for the first two weeks after treatment. This prevents you from putting too much pressure on one side of your face.

What to Expect from a Thread Lift

Thread lifts are performed in-office, typically with local anesthesia. Depending on the type of lift you get, the procedure usually takes between 15 minutes and one hour. After the treatment, you can return to your normal activities.

Prior to the procedure, a numbing agent is applied to the treatment site(s). The doctor will use a very fine needle that causes minimal discomfort. Once the area numbs, the doctor uses blunt tip needles called cannulas to insert the threads into your skin. Once in place, the doctor cuts any excess threads off.

Thread Lifts vs. Facelifts

Thread lifts are safe procedures with virtually no serious risks. Facelifts, on the other hand, carry numerous risks including those from anesthesia and the risk in the procedure. Potential risks for bleeding, infection, and scarring apply to all types of facelifts. Thread lifts are a good alternative for people who want something less invasive than surgery.

Why Choose Us For Your Thread Lift In San Diego

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