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Medical Press

At Home Doctor Visits Make A Comeback

SAN DIEGO — You may think home visits by doctors are a thing of the past, but they seem to be making a comeback.Phil Kincaid, 92, is one of a growing number of San Diegans who’ve signed up for the [...]

Direct-Pay Doctors Revive A Dying Art

A thin column of steam rises from a 12-ounce styrofoam bowl of artichoke-and-kale soup cooling on a dinner cart in the break room of Dr. Patrick Yassini’s office, which is located next to Sharp Coronado Hospital. It’s a scene familiar [...]

Live Well And Live Long With Peak Health Group In Coronado

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), seven out of 10 Americans will die each year from chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, and stroke account for more than 50 percent of all deaths each year. Add diabetes [...]

The Coronado View On Healthy Living

Overall health and wellness encompasses many things — and certainly transcends just exercise and diet regimens. Being well means different things to different people, so we’ve asked some thriving Coronadans to share what it means to live a healthy life. “Going [...]

The Coronado View On Healthy Habits

As spring approaches, so does the promise of a fresh start. For many of us, that means taking on the challenge of self-improvement and adopting new ways to help us be our best. We asked Coronadans what habits they feel [...]

Take Two And Call An Integrative Medicine Doctor In Coronado

When Dr. Patrick Yassini and his medical associates planned a grand opening for the new Peak Health Group office, they thought it made sense to hold it in January. After all, right after the new year is when people are [...]

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