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O-Shots In Coronado

The O-Shot is a cutting-edge treatment for vaginal health problems. It helps with female sexual dysfunction and vaginal incontinence.

How Does the O-Shot Work?

The O-Shot is a natural, noninvasive sexual rejuvenation treatment. It relies on the body’s natural healing mechanisms to achieve results rather than intensive surgeries or medications.

The doctor will administer a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection. This injection facilitates tissue regeneration and increases collagen production. This process increases the supply of vaginal tissue. This is an important aspect of women’s health.

The O-Shot procedure can also treat incontinence. Incontinence is often due to the weakening of the vaginal muscles over time. The physician can reverse incontinence by using a PRP injection. This will increase the production of vaginal muscle tissues.

What Are the Benefits of the O-Shot?

There are many benefits of vaginal PRP injections. Women of all ages may want to consider this new treatment. Some of the biggest benefits of O-Shot injections are listed below.

Significantly Improves Libido

Many women have an impaired sex drive at some point in their lives. The problem is especially common for women going through menopause. Women with sexual dysfunction may have difficulty being sexually aroused due to problems with the clitoris.


Women that receive a PRP injection will have a stronger libido. This is one of the primary benefits of O-Shot therapy. The tissue around the clitoris will become thicker, which can increase sexual stimulation during intercourse and foreplay. As a result, women receiving PRP injections should notice that their sexual drive is much stronger.

Orgasms Will Become Stronger and More Frequent After O-Shot Therapy

Another benefit of O-Shot treatment, and perhaps even more important to some patients, is an increased ability to orgasm. After receiving a PRP injection, women will be able to have stronger and more frequent orgasms.

O-Shot Can Lead to a Much Smoother Vulva

There are also some important cosmetic benefits of O-Shot injections. Some women receive O-Shot treatments to make their vulva’s look smoother and younger. This can be a useful anti-aging treatment for women going through menopause.

O-Shot Treatments Can Be Used to Minimize or Cure Incontinence

Incontinence is another common problem that women experience. Incontinence tends to affect women going through menopause, but they can experience it at any age. This problem is most likely to occur while exercising, laughing or coughing. The embarrassment of incontinence can be even worse than the physical symptoms.


O-Shot treatments can also strengthen the sphincter muscles at the side of the pelvis. This provides better bladder and urethra support, which reduces the risk of incontinence.

Improved Lubrication and Reduced Risk of Painful Intercourse

Some women experience pain during sexual intercourse. There are many possible causes. One of the biggest reasons that women have pain during intercourse is that the vaginal muscles have weakened too much. Another cause of vaginal pain during intercourse is insufficient lubrication.


The O-Shot can address the root causes of painful intercourse. Women that receive it will have more pleasurable sexual relationships and experience less pain.

Who Should Consider Getting the O-Shot Treatment?

The O-Shot could be a great treatment for any woman suffering from a wide range of problems. It could be a good treatment for:

  • Women suffering from a decreased ability to climax during sex

  • Women that have noticed a reduced sex drive

  • Women struggling with incontinence

  • Women that are experiencing pain during intercourse

  • Women that have started suffering from vaginal dryness

Women with these issues could notice significant improvements after receiving O-Shot therapy.

Can the O-Shot Be Used with Other Treatments?

The End Goal Is To Make You Feel Better, No Matter What The Age

Can the O-Shot Be Used with Other Treatments?

Women that receive the O-Shot treatment often receive other therapies as well. Two of the most common therapies that complement O-Shot treatments are labiaplasties and various laser treatments.

The doctor may recommend additional treatments for patients receiving an O-Shot injection. However, the patient may need to wait for the tissue to fully heal after getting O-Shot therapy before these other treatments can be administered. This decision needs to be made on a case-by-case basis on the discretion of the doctor.

What Should Women Expect During the Treatment?

The O-Shot procedure is noninvasive and simple. Women don’t need to be worried about pain or other complications that often occur with more intense treatments. However, they may need to take a few small precautions.

The therapy itself only takes a few minutes. The doctor just needs to make a quick injection.

However, it is still necessary to schedule an hour-long appointment. The doctor will need to take some blood tests and conduct other screenings to prepare for the injection.

Most women don’t notice any significant complications after the treatment. This is one of the reasons they prefer it over traditional therapies. Other vaginal rejuvenation treatments require patients to take things easy for a little while after the treatment has been performed.

The tissue may be a little sensitive after the O-Shot has been performed, but it shouldn’t have a serious impact on the patient’s health or well-being. Also, patients don’t need to undergo significant aftercare treatments after the therapy is completed. However, they may need to be careful about doing anything that could irritate the affected vaginal tissue.

Doctors usually advise patients not to use tampons for a few days after getting O-Shot therapy. Women receiving O-Shot treatments may be able to resume sexual activity immediately after the treatment. However, it may be a good idea to wait a few days after getting the treatment in case the tissue is still sensitive. This depends on the extent of the treatment and the level of sensitivity the patient is experiencing at the injection site.

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