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P-Shots In Coronado

The increasing popularity of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as a treatment for soft tissue and wound healing is showing promise as a treatment for treating erectile dysfunction. The P-shot is a regenerative medicine procedure that helps regenerate damaged vascular tissue. The holistic doctors at Peak Health Group can help you with any question regarding our P-Shot procedure and your symptoms.

Erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to get and keep an erection. Although it’s normal for men to experience ED occasionally during their lifetime, persistent symptoms often signal an underlying health problem. Men are increasingly likely to experience moderate to severe symptoms as they age. There are many causes that contribute to ED, including depression, medications, Peyronie’s disease, psychological issues, and health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and others.

ED & The P Shot

Sexual health is an important area of life that contributes to any man’s happiness and well-being. ED is a common condition that is treatable. The common approach to treatment is to identify and treat the cause. ED doesn’t usually occur independently of the rest of the man’s health. People often mistakenly believe that the inability to get an erection is a psychological condition. In reality, it is much more often a side effect of an underlying health condition.

Even after the cause of ED is treated, there may be lingering damage. When the condition causes damage to the soft tissue, surgery might be the only option given to restore function. The P-Shot provides an effective non-surgical alternative to surgery. Restoring the tissue damage that causes erectile dysfunction and impotence not only improves sexual performance but also contributes to a man’s overall sexual wellness.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelets are a component of the blood that contribute to clotting. They contain numerous proteins called growth factors that trigger natural tissue repair. Platelets draw stem cells to the damaged tissue for faster and more effective healing.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the liquid part of the blood that has been concentrated with platelets. One factor that people like about PRP treatment is that the plasma comes from their own bodies. The doctor’s office draws the man’s blood and isolates the factors used to create the injections. The PRP is then injected into the area of interest to speed up and enhance healing.

The P-Shot, or Priapus Shot, uses PRP to help repair and regenerate the penis. The treatment is proven to be safe and effective for treating erectile dysfunction and impotence. It works by increasing blood flow to the penis. The growth factors in the plasma rejuvenate existing blood vessels and stimulate the production of new ones. Increased blood flow to the penis results in a man’s ability to achieve and maintain stronger, longer erections. The P-Shot provides several additional benefits, including:

  • An increase in sexual stamina

  • Increased penis size

  • Enhanced appearance

  • Less “down time” between erections

  • More sensation and heightened sensation

  • Improved circulation

Who Can Take the P-Shot?

The P-Shot poses nearly no risks or potential side effects other than occasional bruising, redness, or irritation at the injection site. There is no risk of cross-contamination or an allergic reaction since the PRP comes from the patient’s own blood. That makes it safe for anyone.

Ever since the introduction of the “little blue pill,” Viagra has been the holy grail of medical treatment for men with ED. Unfortunately, for many of them, the vascular side effects and risk of causing serious complications with existing health conditions make it a bad or impossible choice.

The P-Shot makes a viable alternative to prescriptions for ED in men who think the risks are too great or who don’t like the idea of putting drugs into their bodies. Some men don’t get the level of results they wanted from these medications. Many who haven’t gotten satisfactory results from other medications or treatments have been satisfied with the results of the P-Shot.

Is The P-Shot The Right Option For Me?

Many men don’t like being reliant on taking a pill every time they want to perform in the bedroom. Most who opt for the P-Shot require a single treatment without the need to take prescription drugs afterward. A small number of men fail to achieve the required results, often due to the condition they are treating. As such, these men require additional treatments to achieve optimal results. In most, the full results occur over a period of weeks and last for up to one year. The safety and effectiveness of the P-Shot also make it an option for men who aren’t experiencing any sexual dysfunction. Men who want to increase their sexual sensation and pleasure might opt for treatment as well.

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Occasional or temporary erectile dysfunction is normal and can happen to any man at any age. Any time it becomes an ongoing problem, it is more likely to be a side effect of another condition or medication. As men age, they also have an increased risk of developing several serious health conditions, including heart disease and some cancers. Men are often embarrassed and unlikely to talk with their doctors about ED or other sexual issues. They might not realize that ED is a symptom of something much more serious. Talking with a doctor during the initial stages of sexual dysfunction could mean the difference in having a serious condition diagnosed and treated before it advances into an untreatable condition.

P-Shots are often used in combination with traditional medical treatments. They can enhance the effects of other treatments to achieve faster and better results. Talk with the doctors at Peak Health Group about the benefits of a P-Shot in your situation.

The Role of the P-Shot in Integrative Health

Peak Health Group has expanded our outreach to include a broad spectrum of integrative health and wellness services. Integrative medicine focuses on every aspect of an individual, not just on a disease. It takes all aspects of the individual’s lifestyle into consideration and makes use of all appropriate therapies.

We work with our patients to identify all the factors that affect their health and wellness. We turn to conventional and alternative methods that facilitate your body’s healing response. P-Shot therapy is one example of how we use natural, effective interventions that are less invasive whenever possible.

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