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Re-think the reason you need a doctor in the first place. Peak Health Group understands the importance of optimizing your performance, longevity, and your quality of life.

Welcome To Our Holistic Family Health Practice

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The powerful tools of western medicine, primarily drugs and procedures, are very important and useful when it comes to acute problems such as a heart attacks, serious infections, strokes, or major trauma. But these tools, in the much more common chronic or preventive setting have limited value. In many cases, we over treat, mask symptom, propagate illness, or just palliate if we limit our therapeutic tools.

By moving beyond prescription drugs and risky procedures we can now work to optimize body function and target the source of disease once and for all.

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Integrative Health

The modern healthcare system provides some miraculous cures and is essential in the acute setting where the problem can be reduced to a single target-able source. But this reductionist disease-based model does not lend itself as well to treating more chronic complex problems or in preventing disease.

By embracing the unique benefits of all healing arts, Peak Health Group is in a position offer you safe, evidence-based, expanded treatment options.

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Holistic Medicine

Doctors today can get overly focused on disease or complex diagnostics and loose site of the big picture. A more holistic approach respects the whole of you and considers the state of your body balance, your mind, and your surroundings. The body has an amazing innate healing ability once a state of optimal functioning is restored for highest impact on health and quality of life.

By providing care centered on you, your beliefs, and your unique objectives, Peak Health Group promotes your whole-body wellness.

We specialize in using integrative and alternative approach for some of the most difficult illnesses to treat:

Chronic Fatigue, Auto-immune disorders, poor performance, Gut Dysfunction, Hormone imbalance, fibromyalgia, Food sensitivities, Allergies, sleep problems, Infertility, Functional digestive disorders, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid dysfunction, Natural alternatives to drugs, Obesity, Mood Imbalances, Blood Sugar dysregulation, Cognitive Decline