Dietary issues have become fairly common. The escalating number of obesity and nutritional deficiency related cases in children and adults are an indicator of an alarming future. People who do not monitor their diet, often end up weakening their immune system and eventually suffer from nutritional imbalance.
According to a new study published in The Lancet, food choices impact the overall well-being of an individual. They play a critical role in controlling the chances of occurrence of heart-related diseases, certain cancers and diabetes. Individuals who lead an unhealthy lifestyle are more prone to chronic diseases than people who smoke and use drugs frequently.

Region-wise health scenario comparison

According to the surveys conducted by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the Washington University, the lowest cases of diet-related diseases have been recorded in Israel, France, Spain and Japan. It has been observed that people who incline towards Mediterranean diet have a much lower chance of suffering from heart attacks and memory decline. This is due to the fact that fruits, vegetables, nuts and healthy oils form the basic foundation of Mediterranean diet.

Challenges to healthy diet

“Healthy diet for everybody” is certainly a hard-to-achieve dream. Lack of proper knowledge of what constitutes a healthy diet is one of the main problems that most youngsters need to overcome. Apart from this, there are many people around the globe who face accessibility and affordability problems. According to a report published by Center for Strategic and International Studies, worldwide malnutrition costs account to approximately $3.5 trillion on an annual basis. Such reports clearly indicate that putting fruits, vegetables and whole grains on every plate round the globe is not that easy.

Overcoming the obstacles

Bringing a major change in the global malnutrition and obesity scenario is possible only if people all over the world start making contributions. According to the authors of the new Lancet, there is a need for coordinated global efforts for establishing a balance. People need to start putting the needs of the community ahead of their individualistic requirements. They need to start taking initiatives for spreading dietary awareness among the young and the old. Additionally, improvements in global agricultural production patterns can also play a significant role in resolving limited accessibility issues.

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