Transforming Aging

Our new option is to thrive in our own homes as we age

Welcome Friends & Family to The Pilot

What is it?

Home and Thriving (HaT) is a technology company who is developing a platform that will transform aging as we know it. As a participant in this pilot, you will be among the first to use it. You opinions, insights, and feedback are invaluable to the process of refining the future versions of this product.

Why are we doing this?

Doctors measure and use biometric data such as vital signs to assess your health once or twice a year during visits. But we know illness typically starts in that space between doctors’ visits. Wouldn’t it be better if you and your doctor could monitor your health 365 days a year? With your help, we are demonstrating how simple available technology can be used to watch over you while you live your life at home.

What’s in it for You?

  • A wholistic picture for the internal workings of your body physiology
  • Health insights in the form of a daily calculated Health Risk
  • Access to future versions of the HaT platform
  • Monthly reports demonstrating trends in your health parameters.
  • Satisfaction of playing a key role in the positive change happening around healthcare regarding Aging.

Over the past 20 years in practice, I’ve seen time and time again my senior patients dealing with a difficult question. Is it time yet to give up my independence and privacy move out of the family home for the safety of senior living community? Quite honestly, most of those I speak with chose a second option, which is to stay home as long as possible perhaps, relying on a caregiver or a family member or simply just risking going it alone.

Patrick Yassini, MD ABIHM

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