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Chinese Cupping Therapy In Coronado

Millions of people worldwide suffer from various forms of pain and discomfort — mild or severe — due to a range of reasons. While for many the first response would be to take a pill for the pain, the Coronado cupping therapy clinic Peak Health Group offers a remarkably unique alternative.

Cupping therapy, much like acupuncture, is an ancient treatment with thousands of years of history and development, and today it remains a popular choice as alternative medicine, with undeniably great results.

What Is Chinese Cupping Therapy?

With historical records documenting its use in ancient Chinese, Egyptian, and other Middle Eastern cultures, cupping therapy has stood the test of time and is now becoming popular in Western cultures as well.

The innovative procedure of this treatment involves placing glass cups on the skin of your back after having a fiery substance (alcohol, herbs, or paper) put out in the cup, thereby creating negative pressure (suction) when the air in the cup cools, causing the skin to lift into the pressurized vacuum.

Some modern innovations aimed at replicating the treatment of cupping have been invented, including plastic suction cups that use pumps or rubbery silicone. These, however, are widely regarded as unable to produce the same results as with the traditional method, which incorporates elements of positive and negative forces, in line with Yin Yang philosophy.

Cupping therapy facilitates the revitalization and flow of “Qi” energy, which in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory is responsible for restoring balance to the body and healing a range of health issues. The suction created by the cups increases blood circulation, relieving muscle tension and stress, promoting cell repair, and forming new connective tissues and blood vessels.

As opposed to acupuncture, which has more long-lasting effects that are noticeable in the long range, cupping therapy provides more immediate and direct relief, making it ideal for those experiencing extreme discomfort. As such, the treatment can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

There are many variations and styles of cupping therapy, but the two main types are:

  • Dry Cupping: Dry cupping is the standard cupping procedure as described above, which involves simply having the skin “sucked” into the cup.
  • Wet Cupping: Wet cupping may be slightly more uncomfortable for some, as it involves drawing blood. After the suction cups are removed, very tiny cuts are made on the skin using a delicate scalpel. Then, a second round of cupping takes place, which allows blood to be drawn out of the cuts. This is a very effective way of ridding the body of toxins and other harmful substances. This method is recommended for those who have already tried dry cupping before.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is not a form of cupping therapy, but it is a procedure that is closely related due to its similar effects. This treatment involves the manual use of a special instrument to scrape the skin on the back, producing mild petechiae. Gua Sha aids in removing blood stagnation, releasing unhealthy matter from injured muscles, and boosting oxygenated blood flow, which allows for cell rejuvenation and recovery.

There are various styles and methods of administrating cupping therapy and other healing arts. Durkin Acupuncture has studied these forms of medicine and is capable of determining and delivering a treatment that fits your needs, based on symptoms, lifestyle, and other factors.

What Are The Benefits Of Chinese Cupping Therapy?

The complex science behind cupping therapy has been proven to possess a range of benefits and can have immediately noticeable results in patients. A single treatment of cupping therapy can alleviate symptoms or heal problems in any of the following health issues:

  • General pain and inflammation relief

  • Respiratory problems

  • Circulation issues

  • Metabolic and digestive processes

  • Pain/discomfort/stiffness in muscles

  • Soft tissue repair

  • Fever/cold relief

  • Allergies

  • Dermatological diseases

  • Healthy skin maintenance

In China, where cupping is widely practiced, this treatment is particularly popular with those experiencing any form of muscle or soft tissue pain, and for those with skin or digestive problems. It is also a common form of general detoxification.


If you are experiencing symptoms of pain and discomfort, or are having other health issues, cupping treatment may be the right solution for you. In order to ensure that this is the right form of therapy, consider getting a professional diagnostic test that can determine whether cupping therapy can benefit you.


How Long Does A Cupping Therapy Session Last?

Cupping therapy treatment is relatively fast, as cups are normally left in place for under five minutes. A typical treatment normally includes between 3-7 cups, but it depends on the condition being treated and how many times the patient has tried the treatment prior.

Does Chinese Cupping Therapy Work?

While there has not been too much research into the field of Chinese cupping therapy in Western medicine, there is enough evidence to suggest that the treatment is indeed capable of what it claims. The few studies conducted on the practice did return favorable results, verifying many of its health benefits.


Going beyond clinical trials and research, however, there are two factors that play a big role in proving cupping therapy’s efficacy. The first being its worldwide use for more than a millennium and having been studied and refined by eras of health experts. The second is the fact that the results of the treatment are almost immediately and very obviously noticeable.


From pain relief to respiratory difficulties, the alleviated symptoms of a range of conditions can be clearly felt by patients after just a single session. The use of cupping has seen a tremendous increase in popularity for professional athletes worldwide for recovery purposes.


What Are the Risks or Side Effects?

Cupping therapy is regarded as a very low-risk treatment, with no documented cases of any serious side effects or health complications as a result. The procedure itself may have a very slight level of discomfort to some but is not painful.


Following the treatment, it is normal to have red circular bruises on the skin where the cups were placed. They are temporary and may last for a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the intensity of the treatment and on the person. These skin marks may feel a little sensitive or itchy for some hours after a treatment, but the sensation is very mild.


When done correctly, both dry and wet cupping pose no danger to patients. As wet cupping can draw large amounts of blood, it can be expected to feel light dizziness or tiredness after a treatment.


What Makes Peak Health Group So Different?

At San Diego’s Peak Health Group, the treatments and services we offer are all backed with thousands of years of refined practice and philosophy, and our trained professionals ensure that delivery methods are above and beyond the standard.


Like many forms of alternative medicine, each individual treatment is unique to each patient, as delivery, intensity, style, method, and other factors all need to be examined and tailored based on a professional assessment of the case.


Try Chinese Cupping Therapy with Us In Coronado!

Cupping therapy has been in existence for ages and continues to bring people around the world an instant and effective solution for pain relief and a plethora of other health issues. Being a chemical-free and natural alternative treatment, it is in line with the philosophy at Peak Health Group of combining functional, integrative, and holistic medicine practices and healing arts.


Chinese Cupping therapy may be the treatment for you! Contact us at any time, or directly book an appointment. We will offer you a consultation and design specialized treatments to treat your needs.


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