Now You Can Harness Your Own Stem Cells


Over recent years, I have seen a growing interest in stem cells and a particular preparation called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Many famous athletes including Tiger Woods have received PRP [...]

Now You Can Harness Your Own Stem Cells2017-06-03T12:56:42-07:00

The Natural Path To Prostate Health


It may be hard to believe, but a simple walnut-shaped gland can become a serious pain in the rear for many men. The culprit is some specialized tissue wrapping around [...]

The Natural Path To Prostate Health2017-06-03T12:55:59-07:00

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!


It may not be surprising that optimistic people are generally healthier, happier, and likely to live longer than people who are not so cheerful. Now recent data suggests a converse [...]

Don’t Worry – Be Happy!2017-06-03T12:54:10-07:00