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What to do AFTER a Workout to Get Maximum Benefit From Your Exercise

May 14th, 2016|Tags: , |

What you do AFTER your workout can mean the difference between sore muscles and fatigue, or stronger muscles and increased energy. It's somewhat instinctive to warm-up before a workout. You may jog in place a little, shake out your arms, do a few stretches, and some other movements to get your heart pumping and your body feeling loose [...]

Ageless Beauty: Sculpture Your Body Inside and Out With What you Consume, Think, and Do Daily Including Sex

May 14th, 2016|Tags: , , |

The anti-aging products market is expected to reach nearly $192 billion by 2019 a staggering amount of money that Americans keep dishing out in an effort to stay forever young. This is one market that even withstood the economic downturn. As WorldHealth.net reported: Age is no longer a measure of how old you look, but how long you live at [...]

U.S. Lyme Disease Cases on the Rise: How to Avoid This Dangerous Tick-Borne Illness

May 14th, 2016|Tags: , , |

Lyme disease, a tick-borne illness that can cause rash, body aches and even temporary paralysis, has been growing in the United States. In the most recent year for which data is available, 27,444 cases of Lyme disease were reported compared to under 9,000 in 1993. Lyme disease is caused by a bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi, which is carried primarily by [...]