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Patrick R. Yassini

Diplomat American Board of Family Medicine
Diplomat American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine
Fellow American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Yassini holds BS, MS, and MD degrees. He is Board certified in family medicine as well as in Integrative holistic medicine. He is further fellowship trained in Metabolic Medicine and he is currently enrolled in a second Master’s Degree program.

Trained in family medicine at UCSD, Dr. Yassini has been practicing in the independent private community setting for over 14 years. He have served as the president of the San Diego Academy of Family Physicians and remains a board member. He currently serves as a delegate to the California Association of Family Physicians. As associate clinical professor at University of California at San Diego he helps train our future physicians. He serves as an expert reviewer for the medical board of California and as a medical director Integrative Health Institute, a not for profit corporation.

Dr. Yassini’s passion is helping people like you get the most out of every day of life and his dream is to restore a more personalized approach to the way medicine is practiced today. Total Priority Care membership program has received some local notoriety being featured in the San Diego Reader and Fox news.

He thrives on delivering true patient centered care and is proud to have the first private office in San Diego to achieve national recognized for being a patient centered medical home (PCMH). This patient centered medical home mode of care is now widely recognized as the best solution for delivering the highest quality holistic medical care possible. This serves as the foundation of the Total Priority Care program. To this advanced medical care model, Dr Yassini has add an integrative approach with a focus on metabolic medicine. Patients receive the best of both worlds medical care focusing on quality life and prevention.

As a personal physician Dr. Yassini is available to his patients around the clock. That’s right, if you ever need him after hours, Dr Yassini will personally will take your call, not a covering doctor or a nurse who knows nothing about you. He also has even been known to open the office and meet you after hours or on a weekend and holidays just to save you a trip to the emergency room or further suffering.

Sounds uncommon. Dr. Yassini can deliver this whole exceptional level of Total Priority Care because he limits the practice membership to a small manageable number of patients, roughly one eight the size of the typical practice today. This is similar to how a small class size can profoundly influence your child’s access to the teacher and ultimately the quality of the education. New patients are considered for this program after an initial interview and offered enrollment on a space availability basis

Lauren Mathewson, ND

Lauren received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine (ND) with Honors in Research from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in Portland, OR.

Dr. Mathewson’s approach to medicine is to treat the whole body and person, not just their particular symptoms. Her treatment plans generally include a combination of natural medicines and specific lifestyle changes designed to bring balance to all of the body. She enjoys working with many different health conditions, and is particularly interested in treating challenging health problems such as hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, depression, and other chronic conditions.

Prior to her attending medical school, Dr. Mathewson had a successful career in academic research science. She believes that her scientific background along with her training in natural medicine, allow her to offer her patients the most effective individualized evidence based treatment programs available

Christan McMann, BSN

Sharon Oyen, BS, MA

Rebecca Orona,RDA

Janet Newman, CME

Kirsty Jenkins, MS

Carrie Hogan, DIP.ISSN, RYT, APT