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Complimentary Meet & Greet Visit

We like to start every relationship with an informal 15 minute meet and greet visit. You will have the opportunity to meet your future doctor and get to know each other. All your questions about our unique practice should be answered during this visit. Changing your primary doctor can be difficult and stressful. You should feel well-informed and completely comfortable with the decision before proceeding. Once you join our unique practice, you will never need to find another primary doctor again.

Yearly Executive Health Evaluation

You will begin TPC membership with a comprehensive executive health evaluation. You will have at least 2 hours with your doctor to establish a relationship and the foundation of your medical home. The visit begins with collections of blood and urine for expanded analysis then continues with a thorough review of your health. Appropriate screening tests are ordered, and then you will experience a full head to toe physical examination.

Proactive Plan for optimal health

Following your comprehensive executive health evaluation, you will be scheduled for a 1 hour follow-up visit. This is a time to review all the available test results and records in detail with your doctor. He will discourse the potential impact any of the outcomes may have on your health and longevity. Together, you will discuss option available to optimize your quality of life and succeed in your health goals. By the end you will have a clear snapshot of your current health status and a long range personal wellness plan.

Nutrition and Fitness for everyone

Lifestyle has a profound impact on performance, longevity, and quality of life. We offer all members access nutrition and fitness coaches as well as a personalized lifestyle program. As a benefit of membership, you will be scheduled with a certified lifestyle professional for at least 120 minutes to provide advice for sustainable lifestyle changes. Based on your doctor’s recommendations the emphasis may be dietary patterns, physical fitness, or stress reduction. You will leave with an assessment of your status and a practical plan to achieve your lifestyle based goals.

Anywhere anytime Access

Illness can strike literally any time anywhere. There was a time when your own doctor who knows you best was just a phone call away. Still today the highest quality most cost effective healthcare systems are built upon such a foundation. Our members enjoy the peace of mind knowing their dedicated personal physician is always available and accountable. After hours phone calls are returned by your doctor regardless of where you might be in the world. When appropriate, we make home visits in the community and even open the office after hours just for you. Reserve the emergency room for true emergencies and avoid the urgent care/minute clinics at all cost. Such fractures in the continuity of your care have become the sources of many unnecessary interventions and risks to your good health.

Man on the “inside” if Hospitalized

When you have a dedicated well-trained personal physician and yearly comprehensive examinations, a serious illness requiring hospitalization is very unlikely. However, in the rare case of a hospital visit or an inpatient procedure, TPC members enjoy the confidence of knowing your own personal physician who knows them best will be the one overseeing the whole process. We see to it that you don’t become just another cog in the wheel of our modern medical industrial complex. You deserve to be treated as a whole person, receive all the information you need, and have access to all the options available. As a member, the personal physician is your man on the inside always looking out for you, making sure you are safe and that any hospital visit is no longer than absolutely necessary.