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Limited Membership

Unlimited Access. As the number of patients increases, eventually your doctor will just not be able to deliver on his commitment to you and your family. Therefore, we limit our practice membership size to a fraction of the typical practice today. In much the same way smaller school class size enables higher learning, smaller practice size enables higher health.

By limiting membership, Peak Health Group is positioned to actually deliver on the commitment to you and your family.

Integrative Approach

Expanded options: The modern healthcare system provides some miraculous cures and is essential in the acute setting where the problem can be reduced down to a single targetable source. But this reductionist disease-based model does not lend itself as well to treating more chronic complex problems or in preventing disease.

By embracing the unique benefits of all healing arts, Peak Health Group is in a position offer you expanded treatment options.

Holistic Focus Optimal Function

Doctors today can get overly focused on disease or complex diagnostics and loose site of the big picture. A more holistic approach respects the whole of you and takes into account the state of your body balance, your mind, and your surroundings. The body has an amazing innate healing ability once a state of optimal functioning is restored for highest impact on health and quality of life.

By providing care centered on you, your beliefs, and your unique objectives, Peak Health Group promotes your whole body wellness.

Numerous choices, one medical Advocate

When an acute medical problem arises, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Important decisions such as which specialist to see or which treatment to choose are made too often without careful consideration of all available options. The system can be impersonal and leave you feeling helpless pushed through the medical industrial complex

By serving as your true medical advocate, Peak Health Group can help you navigate the complex healthcare system if necessary.

Live Better Longer

We typically don’t think of going to our regular doctor for enhanced performance, longevity, or quality of life. For these, most of us seek out other providers offering such therapies as weight loss, aesthetic skin care, detoxification, neurofeedback, massage, acupuncture, yoga, and chiropractic care.

By offering you state of the art Age Management treatments, Peak Health Group understands the importance of your quality of life.