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The Healthcare Dilemma

National healthcare strategy has been trying to improve healthcare Quality, Access, and reduce Cost simultaneously.  But experts agree these three aims are closely interlinked.  By expanding healthcare access to millions of previously uninsured, people like us suffer through the quality of the care we experience.  As more people access the same overburdened healthcare system, our shortage of good doctors intensifies, we wait longer, and experience shorter visits. In much the same way school class sizes impacts your child’s learning, the more patients your doctor sees, does influence the quality of personalized care you experience.

But today you’ve found a very different kind of medical practice assuring you and your family have access to high quality personalized healthcare for today and tomorrow.

The Access Problem

Most primary doctors today are forced to serve literally thousands of patients at one time. Your face-to-face experience with a doctor may be 5-10 minutes or less. Visits are typically impersonal and focus on your problem instead of you. Too often you may be with a new or associate provider who’s not familiar with you. After hours visits or house calls are practically unheard of, and even phone calls from your doctor have become rare.

But today you’ve found a very different kind of doctor willing to treat you as a person, to be available when you need, and to give your concerns as much attention as they deserve?

The Quality Problem

The powerful tools of western medicine, primarily drugs and procedures, are quite useful when having an acute problems such as a heart attack, infection, stroke, or trauma. But these tools, are too often unnecessary or serve limited benefit in the much more common chronic or preventive setting. In many cases, our modern healthcare system does little more than mask symptom, propagate illness, or palliate us.

But today you’ve found a very different kind of medical office where care options expand safely beyond prescription walls of drugs and procedures into the whole world of healing arts available.