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TPC Membership, a very different kind of relationship with your doctor.

Our practice rests upon three pillars:

Personalized attention

Health is dynamic and being well is relative and unique to an individual’s belief system and priorities. It is critical for us to understand and be mindful of a patient’s needs and priorities with every therapeutic decision.

Annual TPC PE, Friendly greetings, Smiles, comfortable atmosphere, refreshments, no waiting, ample visit time, Cards, Gifts, Birthday cards

Your healthcare advocate, friendly faces, and providers who listen

We believe a caring relationship with your healthcare providers is the essential foundation to high quality healthcare. Your healthcare advocate, friendly faces, and providers who listenWe believe a caring relationship with your healthcare providers is the essential foundation to high quality healthcare.

Your Quality of life matters

Yet it’s overlooked too often by the system. Imagine a doctor who understands that wellness goes well beyond being free of disease. Peak Health Group members enjoy a fresh approach which begins with optimizing body function, performance, and longevity.

Expanded services

To conventional western medical model we add Integrative and functional approaches to care. The emphasis is on restoring balance, innate healing ability, and function instead of characterizing illness and focusing on disease.

Bio-identical hormones, Neurofeedback, Nutrition (oral, IV, IM), Acupuncture, Chiropractic/massage, Ayurveda, Fitness, Aesthetics, Anti-Aging

Well beyond conventional medicine, pharmaceuticals, and medical procedures

We believe true healthcare embraces the contributions of all healing modalities available to us. This truly integrative practice offers you an opportunity to safely access healing modalities beyond conventional medicine under consultation with your medical doctor.

You’re a unique individual

So healthcare should be tailored for you. Imagine a doctor actually cares about your priorities and goals. Peak Health Group member receive a personalized approach to healthcare with modern integrative options reaching beyond what insurance, typical doctors, or drugs can offer.

Exceptional Access

Early intervention and prevention is in most cases much simpler than addressing a more advanced process down the road. For this reason your personal health care provider is available anytime through multiple modes.

24/7 Provider access, phone calls, emails, texts, telemedicine, same day visits, Expedited administrative tasks (refills, labs, authorizations, etc)

Same day visits, 24/7 connect, and telemedicine

We believe you should have access to your own care team when you need. Many conditions are easy to prevent or treat early at the start of symptoms. Access when you need it to your own care team who know you best is the foundation of exceptional care

Your time is valuable

but your health is priceless. Imagine a personal physician just a phone call away for you and your loved ones. As a Peak Health Group member you enjoy same day appointments, non-hurried visits, after hour’s availability, and yes even house calls.

Concierge Level Medical Care Membership

Total Priority Care (TPC) benefits include many services not typically covered by insurance.

  • Annual Integrative and Preventative Health Plan
  • 24/7 physician access, including weekends and holidays, via phone, e-mail, text, or virtual consultations
  • Same day visits for immediate care
  • House calls (when requested)
  • Coordination of specialty or hospital care
  • Prescription evaluation and management, with natural replacement recommendation
  • Negotiated rates with labs, hospitals, and specialists for deep savings for out-of-pocket services.
  • Personal and Confidential Medical Record (online or offline)
  • Medical advocacy and 2nd Opinion